Xi meets National Assembly of Vietnam chairman, urges strong sense of community with shared future
  ·  2024-04-09  ·   Source: Xinhua News Agency

Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with Chairman of the National Assembly of Vietnam Vuong Dinh Hue at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, on April 8 (XINHUA)

Chinese President Xi Jinping on April 8 met with Chairman of the National Assembly of Vietnam Vuong Dinh Hue in Beijing.

While asking Vuong Dinh Hue to convey cordial greetings to Nguyen Phu Trong, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Central Committee, Xi also said that during his visit to Vietnam at the end of last year, he and Nguyen Phu Trong had jointly announced the building of a China-Vietnam community with a shared future that carries strategic significance -- opening a new chapter in bilateral ties.

Under the joint efforts by the two sides, the consensus reached by him and Nguyen Phu Trong is being implemented, Xi added.

Xi said the most distinctive feature of China-Vietnam relations is that the two sides are a like-minded pair bound by a common destiny, and "comrades-plus-brothers" is the most vivid portrayal of the traditional friendship between the two parties and two countries.

He urged joint efforts by the two sides to promote more achievements in building a China-Vietnam community with a shared future, better serve their respective modernization, further benefit the two peoples and make greater contributions to the global socialist cause.

Amid the profound and complex changes in the international and regional landscape, it serves the common interest of China and Vietnam to safeguard the socialist system and maintain national stability and development, Xi said.

He urged the two sides to foster a strong sense of a China-Vietnam community with a shared future based on a high level of mutual trust, consolidate the foundation for the vision with high-quality cooperation, and promote this vision with a high degree of political wisdom.

China is willing to scale up the exchange of experience gained in governing both the Party and the country, facilitate the synergy between the Belt and Road Initiative and the Two Corridors and One Economic Circle strategy, and increase exchanges between young people and sister cities, among others.

It is hoped that the legislative bodies of the two sides will deepen exchanges and cooperation at all levels, strengthen mutual learning on legislative supervision experience, and play an important role in enhancing the friendship between the two peoples, Xi said.

Vuong Dinh Hue conveyed the cordial greetings and best wishes from Nguyen Phu Trong to Xi, noting that the CPV and the Vietnamese government highly appreciate China's development and progress. China's two sessions held this year set the goals of developing new quality productive forces, among others, which are innovative moves of socialism and provide useful references for Vietnam, he added.

Vietnam firmly adheres to the one-China principle and is resolutely opposed to any form of "Taiwan independence" separatist activities, Vuong Dinh Hue said.

Vietnam regards China as its top strategic priority in its foreign relations, Vuong Dinh Hue said, adding that the Vietnamese side will follow relevant goals set by Nguyen Phu Trong and Xi to maintain close communications and cooperation with China at various levels and continue to consolidate a high level of political mutual trust.

Vietnamese National Assembly is ready to keep close communications and exchanges with China's National People's Congress to play a positive role in enhancing the friendship between the two peoples and advancing the building of a Vietnam-China community with a shared future, Vuong Dinh Hue said.

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