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By Tao Zihui  ·  2022-03-11  ·   Source: Web Exclusive


Participants conduct in-depth discussions at the forum "2022 China's Two Sessions: Cooperation and Future"on March 11  

China and Mexico, both being major developing countries, important emerging markets, and members of the Asia-Pacific family, are at similar stages of development and share the same goals. It's of great significance for them to strengthen the exchange of governance concepts and practical experience, and learn from each other, Qiu Xiaoqi, Special Representative of the Chinese Government on Latin American Affairs, told a forum on global governance in Beijing on March 11. 


Qiu Xiaoqi, Special Representative of the Chinese Government on Latin American Affairs, makes a speech at the forum via video link  

Held against the backdrop of the annual sessions of China’s top legislature and political advisory body and themed on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of China-Mexico diplomatic relations, the forum aimed to further strengthen the understanding and trust between China and Mexico and promote cooperation between both sides.  

Hosted by the Center for the Americas, China International Communications Group (CICG), the forum, entitled "2022 China’s Two Sessions: Cooperation and Future," gathered experts and scholars from both sides.  


Mexican Ambassador to China Sr. Jesús Seade speaks via video link  

"During the Two Sessions [this year], we learned about China’s policies toward openness and economic reform, such as facilities for access to the Chinese market which will open up economic opportunities for collaboration with Mexico," said Sr. Jesús Seade, Mexican Ambassador to China. 


 Chinese Ambassador to Mexico Zhu Qingqiao speaks via video link   

"Regardless of changes in the international landscape over 50 years, China and Mexico have always moved forward hand in hand, leading to a mutual and ever-deepening political mutual trust," Zhu Qingqiao, Chinese Ambassador to Mexico, told the forum. 

Both sides should expand their people-to-people and cultural exchanges, especially among the younger generations, continuously enhance their relationship, and strengthen solidarity and cooperation under multilateralism, Zhu added. 


Sergio Ley, former Mexican Ambassador to China, speaks via video link  

China and Mexico are countries with time-honored civilizations and longstanding histories, and the friendly exchanges between their people date back to ancient times. Youth from both countries are key actors, according to Sergio Ley, former Mexican Ambassador to China. "They can contribute to the construction of a vision that integrates both traditional and modern elements, and ideas that will define both sides in the coming decades," he added. 

Economic and trade cooperation between China and Mexico, too, has expanded. China has been Mexico’s second largest trade partner and Mexico is China's second largest trade partner in Latin America. According to China Customs data, China-Mexico trade volume reached a record $86.6 billion in 2021, an increase of 41.9 percent over 2020. China is an attractive market for Mexico's high-quality products, said Mrs. Amapola Grijalva, President of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China.  


Amapola Grijalva, President of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China, speaks via video link  

Trade and investment cooperation between China and Mexico has not only played a key role in expanding Mexico’s industry and increasing employment, but also played its part in ensuring the stability of regional and global industrial and supply chains, Qiu added. 


Gao Anming, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of CICG, makes a speech at the forum (ZHANG WEI)  

The steady growth of China's economy not only bodes well for the recovery of the world economy, but also brings better opportunities for China-Mexico economic and trade development, Gao Anming, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of CICG, told the forum. 

In the face of the once-in-a-century pandemic, China and Mexico have stood together, setting a good example of international solidarity in the fight against the pandemic. 


Mexican Congressman Alberto Villa speaks via video link  

"Thanks to the ‘air bridge’ [between China and Mexico] that was established [in April 2020] to transport medical supplies, Mexico received over 34 million vaccines," Mexican Congressman Alberto Villa said during the forum. 


Yu Yunquan, Director of the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies of CICG, speaks at the forum   

China and Mexico should take the 50th anniversary of their establishment of diplomatic relations as an opportunity to address the challenges of global development in the post-pandemic era, Yu Yunquan, Director of the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies with CICG, told the forum.  


Chen Yuanting, Secretary General of the Center for Mexican Studies, speaks via video link  

In the post-pandemic era, Latin American countries, including Mexico, urgently need to build a sustainable development model to overcome the three structural crises the world faces today--economic, inequality and environmental crises, said Chen Yuanting, Secretary General of the Center for Mexican Studies.  

Based on this, China and Mexico are actively promoting global development initiatives and will contribute to building a community with a shared future for global development, she added. 


Li Jianguo, Editor-in-Chief of CICG Americas, hosts the forum   

Copyedited by Elsbeth van Paridon 

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