Argentine ambassador discusses how China helps the world
By Sabino Vaca Narvaja  ·  2022-10-28  ·   Source: NO.44 NOVEMBER 3, 2022
Sabino Vaca Narvaja

Undoubtedly, the 20th Communist Party of China (CPC) National Congress from October 16 to 22 was one of the most relevant events for China and the entire planet. China has consolidated itself as a relevant and responsible actor at the international level. This has been demonstrated in concrete practice, such as its unprecedented display of solidarity with those countries most vulnerable in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 20th CPC National Congress outlined the national development work plans for the next five years and beyond. This is of enormous relevance for the countries of our Latin American region, since it allows us to know the roadmap of one of our main business partners.

One of the most interesting programs promoted under President Xi Jinping's governance has been rural revitalization. The active participation of young Party members added to the strengthening of local capacities, the government's strong investment in infrastructure and technological innovation. Sustainable activities linked to the historical processes of each region have also become true engines of prosperity. These policies are key to bridging the regional gap produced by the speed of China's development and, without a doubt, were essential to achieving the eradication of absolute poverty in late 2020.

Likewise, these initiatives promote sustained local development, which is essential to awareness promotion and the creation of a direct link with people in the country's once most overlooked areas. This has generated a deep understanding of the different rural realities, establishing a true source of productive advancement that leads to real rural development.

On the other hand, I consider the proposal to improve China's international communications capabilities, including the promotion of cultural industries, to be very relevant. This is an effective way to help international audiences explore the history and the richness of China's diversity and promote a greater understanding of its peculiarities. Mutual learning between our peoples is the best method to create and promote a community with a shared future for humanity.

In Argentina, we harbor the highest of expectations. Relations between the two countries are at an all-time high. This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of our bilateral diplomatic relationship. We have made progress in numerous comprehensive cooperation programs on investment in infrastructure as well as in commercial, cultural, educational, scientific and sports aspects.

During President Xi's time in office, relations between both countries have deepened. In 2014, Xi and then President of Argentina Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced to lift our ties to a comprehensive strategic partnership. This year, during President Alberto Fernández's visit to China in February, the two governments signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative. This China-proposed initiative is the most important cooperation project of recent times, which has already acquired a global dimension.

The CPC has a historical relationship with the Partido Justicialista, a major political party in Argentina, and shares the same principles of putting the welfare of the people at the very center of its objectives.

At the international level, Xi has stood out for promoting, in the spirit of multilateralism, the democratization of international relations, highlighting the role of developing countries. In this sense, the idea of a community with a shared future for humanity functions as a guide for concrete cooperation projects such as the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative, the latter two both presented by China within the framework of the United Nations. These initiatives today can be considered the central architecture for the construction of a fairer and more harmonious international order.

President Xi stated [in the report to the 20th CPC National Congress] that "China stands firmly against all forms of hegemonism and power politics, the Cold War mentality, interference in other countries' internal affairs, and double standards." Faced with the complexity of the international scene, his words are essential.

President Fernández has also said: "Multilateralism is the great secret;" "No country in the world was born to be a satellite of another community;" and "We must all develop ourselves with our own experiences, but closely together with the rest of the world's free nations." 

(Print Edition Title: Of Global Relevance)

The author is the Argentine ambassador to China

Copyedited by Elsbeth van Paridon

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