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Editorial  ·  2023-10-16  ·   Source: NO.42 OCTOBER 19, 2023
The 19th Asian Games wrapped up in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, on October 8. The 16-day event brought together more than 12,000 athletes from 45 Asian countries and regions to engage in exchange, build friendships and outdo themselves. During the Games, 15 world records, 37 Asian records and 170 Asian Games records were broken, creating a source of pride for participants and the region as a whole. Team China won a record 383 medals, including 201 gold, ranking first in the medal tally for the 11th consecutive Asian Games.

In keeping with its vision of hosting a green, smart, economical and ethical Asian Games, China delivered a spectacular event that was distinctly Chinese and Asian, with first-class venue facilities, organization and services, making new contributions to the Olympic Movement. The Asian Games are organized and regulated by the Olympic Council of Asia, a Kuwait-headquartered organization authorized to oversee the Olympic Movement in Asia.

For the first time in Asian Games history, green electricity, including solar and wind power transmitted from other parts of China, was used in all the venues, and green methanol, regenerated from waste carbon, fueled the main torch tower, helping create a carbon-neutral Asian Games. The first-ever virtual-reality flame-lighting ceremony featured a huge digital torchbearer, an avatar of more than 100 million Internet users who took part in a digital torch relay.

Asia is home to many cradles of human civilization, producing several prominent ancient cultures including China, India and Babylonia. Today, over 4 billion people in more than 40 countries and territories make up Asia's big family. Their ancestors first began the process of trade and cultural exchange thousands of years ago, and the ancient Silk Road once formed the backbone of this process. Now, sport, too, plays an important role in bringing the peoples of Asia together, as demonstrated during the Hangzhou Asian Games.

The Asian Games, using sports to promote peace, unity and inclusiveness, embodies the shared desire of people in Asia for a better future. The success of the Hangzhou Asian Games demonstrates that, as we continue to face and overcome unprecedented global challenges, we need to work together as members of the world community.  


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