A spring of diplomacy
Editorial  ·  2023-04-14  ·   Source: NO.16 APRIL 20, 2023

China has had a very busy diplomatic agenda recently. From late March to early April, leaders from several countries, from Spain to Brazil, visited to cement the bonds.

Despite rising unilateralism in certain quarters, the fact that many world leaders are traveling to China demonstrates how multilateralism featuring win-win outcomes remains the mainstream trend within the international community. For instance, during French President Emmanuel Macron's visit, the two countries signed documents on cooperation in diverse areas such as agrifood, aviation, civil nuclear energy, sustainable development and culture. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez expressed Spain's willingness to deepen collaboration in the fields of electric vehicles, green energy and the digital economy—among others.

The visits also provided opportunities to address pressing global issues. The ongoing Ukraine crisis was one of the top concerns during the meetings between Chinese and visiting leaders. China's stance differs from that of the U.S., with the latter asserting in March that any call for a ceasefire in the current situation is unacceptable. China has worked to promote peace talks since the armed conflict broke out a year ago.

During his meeting with President Xi Jinping, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Singapore believes all countries should respect each other, coexist in peace, pursue mutually beneficial cooperation, avoid conflict and jointly respond to risks and challenges. 

Notably, the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Iran announced the restoration of the two countries' diplomatic relations after years of rivalry in Beijing on April 6 following a China-brokered deal. This move is a boon to the security and stability of the Middle East. It is considered a victory for dialogue and peace and a testament to China's diplomatic approach at work as well as its growing global role.

The world today is at a crossroads. Humanity, barely emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, faces multiple challenges—a faltering economic recovery, intensifying geopolitical conflicts and a severe regression in the global development process. In this context, the international community should cherish solidarity more than ever. Confident, open and willing to step up, China is ready to team up with other countries and jointly find a path through adversity.

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