Joint Declaration of the Media and Think Tank League of China and Latin American and Caribbean Countries
  ·  2023-09-12  ·   Source: China International Communications Group Center for the Americas

September 11, 2023 

After adequate communication, we, media outlets and think tanks from China, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Peru, have reached an agreement to jointly establish a media and think tank league of China and Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries. Our teaming up intends to promote mutual learning between China and LAC countries, people-to-people connections and friendly development in order to create a brighter future. We will strive for a more equal and just international environment for developing countries to make their voices heard. We will work side by side to speak on behalf of world peace and global development.  

Though China and LAC countries are far apart geographically, their peoples share a natural affinity. They respect one another, consider each other equals and cooperate based on mutual benefits. At present, the relations between China and LAC countries are in their historical prime, with better opportunities and better circumstances for collaboration. Their peoples do have an urgent need to further understand and communicate with each other. Media and think tanks possess unique advantages in enhancing mutual understanding, building consensus on development and promoting exchanges and mutual learning. This is why they should play a more constructive role in the future.     

All league members will uphold the principles of openness, inclusiveness, equality, cooperation and friendliness, and focus on building mutual trust, facilitating mutual assistance and realizing mutual benefits as well as mutual learning.    

The league will create platforms for constructive communication, dialogue, joint research and personnel training. All members will conduct cooperation in a range of related fields, including information exchanges, interviews and production, content sharing, personnel exchanges, professional training, academic seminars and research projects, to maximize the effect of the sharing of resources, information and achievements. 

Currently, the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. Development and cooperation are the common pursuit of developing countries. In the face of an international situation where changes and uncertainties are interwoven, we hope to provide more objective, authentic and accurate information to the world and deliver our due contributions to advancing global development, safeguarding global security, strengthening South-South cooperation and promoting human civilization. Through the joint efforts of all members, we also hope to play an active role in pushing forward the construction of a fair and just international order and the building of a community with a shared future for humanity.   

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