An Excerpt From President Xi Jinping's Opening Speech at the G20 Hangzhou Summit
  ·  2016-10-10  ·   Source: Web Exclusive



Editor's Note

The 11th G20 Summit was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, from September 4 to 5. President Xi Jinping delivered the opening speech, and the following is an edited excerpt of that speech:


The G20 has gathered together the world's major economies. The international community has great expectations for the G20 and places high hopes on this summit. I hope that the Hangzhou summit will provide a holistic solution that addresses both the symptoms and root causes of global economic problems and helps achieve strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive global growth.

We should strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination, jointly promote global growth and maintain financial stability.

We should break a new path for growth and generate new growth momentum.

We should improve global economic governance and strengthen institutional safeguards.

We should build an open global economy and continue to promote the facilitation and liberalization of trade and investment.

We should implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and promote inclusive development.

The G20 carries the expectations of the international community. We must ensure that the G20 fully plays its role by keeping the world economy on a track of prosperity and stability.

The G20 must keep up with the changing times and lead the way forward. It should adapt itself to the needs of the global economy and further transform itself from a mechanism of crisis response to one of long-term governance.

The G20 should fully honor its commitments. We should make the G20 an action team instead of a talk shop. This year, we have formulated action plans in areas such as sustainable development, green finance, energy efficiency and anti-corruption. Each and every plan should be implemented.

The G20 should become a platform of cooperation, built through joint efforts that deliver benefits to all. We should continue to strengthen the institutional aspect of the G20 to sustain and deepen our cooperation. We should solicit proposals for improvement and heed the views of all countries, especially developing countries, so that the work of the G20 is more inclusive and responsive to the demands of all people.

The G20 should stick together as partners in meeting challenges. Although members differ in national conditions and stages of development, and face different challenges, all members share the same wish to promote economic growth, the same interest in responding to crises and the same vision for achieving common development.

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