Xi Jinping on the Belt and Road Initiative informs and inspires readers in Chile
By Lu Yan  ·  2024-04-22  ·   Source: NO.17 APRIL 25, 2024
A seminar for readers to share their views on the Spanish edition of Xi Jinping on the Belt and Road Initiative is underway in Santiago, Chile, on April 11 (COURTESY PHOTO)

The Spanish edition of Xi Jinping on the Belt and Road Initiative is helping Latin American countries better understand and participate in the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), officials and scholars said at a seminar held for readers to share their ideas in Santiago, Chile, on April 11.

"Within the BRI framework, China and Chile have worked together effectively in the construction of infrastructure such as ports, subways and highways, as well as in the development of a science and technology center," Yu Tao, Vice President of China International Communications Group (CICG), said at the seminar.

Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward the BRI in 2013 to boost connectivity along and beyond the ancient Silk Road routes. Chile is the first Latin American country to voice support for the initiative and sign a memorandum of understanding on Belt and Road cooperation with China.

The Spanish edition of Xi Jinping on the Belt and Road Initiative gives Latin American readers an in-depth, nuanced understanding of the initiative, thereby contributing to more productive collaboration, Yu said. CICG is China's leading international communications institution and owns the book's publisher, the Beijing-based Foreign Languages Press (FLP).

The book is a collection of 42 articles by President Xi on Belt and Road cooperation, dated from September 2013 to July 2018, addressing issues ranging from how and why the initiative was introduced to its principles and goals. Its English, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Japanese editions have been published by the FLP for international audiences.

The book is a definitive work that is assisting all sectors of Chilean society to familiarize themselves with China's proposals and the rationale behind them, so that the two countries can work in concert more efficiently, Ma Zhen, Political Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Chile, said.

The Chinese modernization envisioned by President Xi follows the path of peaceful development and serves the common development and prosperity of all countries in the world, said Fernando Reyes Matta, former Chilean Ambassador to China and Director of the Center for Latin American Studies on China at Chile's Andres Bello University. He added the BRI aims to benefit the international community and the Spanish edition of Xi Jinping on the Belt and Road Initiative enables Latin American people to understand China's concepts and policies, which provide a new way of thinking to promote cooperation in the economy, trade, artificial intelligence and other areas between China and Chile.

Ricardo Gamboa Valenzuela, Deputy Director of the Institute of International Studies (IEI) at the University of Chile, said his institute pays great attention to China's increasingly important role in Latin America and the rest of the world. The book provides authoritative reading materials for professors and students, giving them a deeper understanding of China.

Carlos Olguín, an associate professor at the IEI and former Director of the Asia-Pacific Department at Chile's Foreign Ministry, Luis Ajenjo Isasi, General Manager of Radio Cooperativa, and Malva Venturelli, President of the José Venturelli Foundation, also shared their views. They all recognized the book's role in cementing mutual trust.

Hu Kaimin, FLP President, said he hoped the book will make the initiative more popular in Chile and the rest of Latin America, build new cultural ties, and promote the two-way understanding of the Chinese and Latin American civilizations. 

Copyedited by G.P. Wilson

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