China issues white paper on global community of shared future
  ·  2023-09-26  ·   Source: Xinhua News Agency

China's State Council Information Office on September 26 released a white paper titled "A Global Community of Shared Future: China's Proposals and Actions."

Ten years ago, President Xi Jinping put forward the idea of building a global community of shared future.

His proposal lights the path forward as the world fumbles for solutions, and represents China's contribution to global efforts to protect the shared home and create a better future of prosperity for all, according to the white paper.

To build a global community of shared future, all peoples, all countries, and all individuals must stand together through thick and thin, navigating towards greater harmony on this planet that is called home, it said.

The white paper called for efforts to build an open, inclusive, clean and beautiful world that enjoys lasting peace, universal security, and common prosperity, turning people's longing for a better life into reality.

Over the past decade, the vision of a global community of shared future has been steadily enriched and gained broader support. Steady progress has been seen in implementing the vision, the white paper noted.

It is now widely recognized in the international community that the vision has nothing to do with self-interest and protectionism. Instead, by presenting China's vision of the course of human development, it confronts the hegemonic thinking of certain countries that seek supremacy, according to the white paper.

Looking to the future, the vision is bound to shine as a pioneering thought with the power of truth that transcends time and space, opening up a beautiful prospect of common development, long-term stability, and sustained prosperity for human society, the white paper said.

Building a global community of shared future is both a salutary vision and a historical process that calls for generations of hard work, said the white paper, calling on all countries to unite in pursuing the cause of common good, plan together, and act together day by day towards the right direction of building a global community of shared future, and jointly create a better future for all of humanity.


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